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#1 Ant Dominion Game - Kickstarter

Beitrag von Fdudka » 21. Mai 2014, 07:04

Hi Everyone!
My name is Fernando, I use to be an ant keeper myself.
In the past I had many different colonies ( Camponotus, Formica, Aphaenogaster, pheidole, Lasius), but since that I have to travel for work I had to give up on this passion.
I have always been very interested in how ant colonies are organize, the way they deal with situations and there anatomy.

I'm writing this post cause I want to share with all of you this amazing project I'm working on!
I'm developing a new IPAD game called Ant Dominion. I'm using everything I know about ants and putting it in a game.
From how a colony is founded, egg development, minus workers, normal size workers, majors, food hunting, predation, mite, etc.

It's been 4 months now that the game is being designed and programed and I have just started a Kickstarter project.
Th Kickstarter team has accepted the project and it's now on there web page.
The game will be in the App store in august and with your help I can implement more features to make it the best thing it can be.

I'm convinced you will all want to play the game!

here is a link to the Kickstarter

Thank you so much


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