The Myrmicinae!!!

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#1 The Myrmicinae!!!

Beitrag von Teleutotje » 27. Juli 2014, 01:17

[font=Calibri]Ward, P.S., Brady, S.G., Fisher, B.L., Schultz, T.R., 2014, “The evolution of myrmicine ants: phylogeny and biogeography of a hyperdiverse ant clade (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)”. Systematic Entomology.[/font]

From Facebook, my remarks:

"I'm very interested in what happened with Tetramorium and related genera... Yes, Teleutomyrmex and Anergates... but also Strongylognathus... Had already posted some remarks on The Ant Farm and asked some questions at Prof Buschinger but want to know what they have done in this article..."

"When I see the supplementary information and read the abstract, I wonder why they didn't synonymize Strongylognathus and Tetramorium... Sanetra and Buschinger in 2000 didn't want to go so far to put them all 4 in synonymy... Or they are all 4 synonyms or Tetramorium must be divided in many parts! Same situation as in 2000..."

"I went quickly through the article and found they postponed the synonymy of [I]Tetramorium[/I] and Strongylognathus for a ruling of the Int Comm Zool Nom to change in this case the priority-rules. Sanetra and Buschinger hesitated to call them all Strongylognathus, the oldest name, but I think they shouldn't change the rules in this case... Yes, [I]Tetramorium[/I] is a big genus but Strongylognathus is a good name, even longer in use than [I]Tetramorium[/I]..."


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